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Chibi Dragon

what is chibi dragon ?

I’m going to show you some chibi dragon artwork today. A person, an object, or an animal of little size is referred to as a “chibi.” In our situation, we’ll concentrate just on dragons. dragons will, without a doubt, be cuter and more appealing than traditional dragons. Their enormous, often touching eyes, as well as their smaller versions of rounded forms, play an important role.

In manga and anime, the term “chibi” usually has a pleasant meaning known as “kawaii.” these dragon is a Japanese style of illustration. The exaggerated and distinct facial expressions of chibi creatures and animals create a joyful and endearing ambiance. By the way, if you enjoy dragon plushies, take a look at the ones below; they’ll look great in your room.



We'll begin with Shenron. What's not to like about this tiny dragon ? It's not only the anime's symbolic monster, but it can also fulfill your desires. Yes, it's charming, but it's also strong.


Design by Nordeva


A golden jewel-encrusted black dragon with horns. It has holes in its membranous wings, yet its eyes are purple. Beware, he is undoubtedly a battle veteran. Purple is the color of his crest and the spikes on his back. A blade that appears to be incredibly sharp stands at the end of the tail.


A white and blue dragon with a sweet expression. Is it looking for happiness with its eyes fixed on the stars ? His heavenly wings, as well as his fin-like membranes that run from the head to the tail, ensure that he is at comfortable in both the air and the water.


With crimson wings and horns, this dragon has a charming and gentle smile. He uses hardness to preserve his plush, so be careful not to burn your fingers when playing with it.


The little dragon, a gorgeous tiny monster, appears to have discovered its prey, yet it seemed apprehensive. Is it planning to eat its prey right away or to play with it first ? Its horns and tail tip appear to be hazardous in.


The sand dunes are a favorite haunt of this dragon. Don't be deceived by his modest stature; his body reflects an astonishing range of hues. Be wary of him since he appears intelligent and amusing.


Is he delighted to see you ? This is a joyful chibi dragon we have here. He has the appearance of a mountain dragon, brave and fearless.

Discover these cute dragons


She is a fascinating female dragon that will not be easily softened. Her fur is brightly colored, and her attention is drawn to something in particular. What do you believe it is, and what do you think it is ?


The hair on this chibi dragon would make even the greatest K-Pop stars envious. He appears to be adaptable and clever. Would he be a fantastic athlete ?

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zombie dragon

This chibi dragon is my favorite of the drawings. Despite his natural appearance and grimlins ears, he appears to be insane. Is it possible that someone stole his snack ?

dragon arti shiibi

This chibi dragon has a lot of hair and appears to be quite busy. A little green dragon with a horn on his forehead and muzzle. His appearance implies that he enjoys dressing up.

Dragon with yellow and blue eyes

This chibi dragon is a tiny devil with no wings, but his heterochromatic eyes hint he has special abilities.

Black & red dragon

This confident chibi dragon walks on all four legs and offers you a piercing glance, so don't underestimate him. His body is covered in symbols that don't appear to be normal. Is he a chibi dragon with magical abilities ?


Litltle dragon rose

How can you tell if this Pink Chibi Dragon is adorable or not ? You determine whether this Chibi Dragon is female or male, and it may even be a hybrid. In any event, it has the Dragon's essential physical traits. Horns, wings, scales, and a heart-shaped tail soften your judgment before attacking while you're not looking.



With these two magnificent Spyro Chibi, how can we not end in beauty ? One is performing his best skateboarding act while flashing his finest smile, while the other appears bashful. Would the chibi dragon on the right have found in you the master he is yearning for if he had looked at you with wonder  ?

If you're a dragon aficionado, don't hesitate to continue your journey on our blog. The artist in charge of these drawings is a lady named Nordeva, whose biography I've included below; she is a digital drawing professional.

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