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Dragon bracelet – Thaï


Dragon bracelet – Shair


Dragon bracelet – Guth


Dragon bracelet – Silver 925


Dragon necklace – Dark


Get a badass look with our dragon jewelry

Take your look to the next level with one of our dragon jewelry pieces ! Assert your punk, biker, rocker 100% badass look, assert your character! Our Dragon jewels are made by passionate people of the fantastic universe that represents the Dragon, but, like the dragon, our jewels are timeless !

A dragon ring for fingers of fire

Rings are obligatory fashion accessories but they are also excellent gifts to offer. Our dragon rings are beautiful and above all handmade. You’ll find solid silver and stainless steel jewelry, as well as gold-plated rings. As noted, the materials used to make our jewelry are precious and durable.

Always have a dragon on your wrist with one of our dragon bracelets

All of our dragon bracelets are made primarily of stainless steel, sterling silver and sometimes leather. Once attached to your wrist, they will effectively enhance your look. We have an excellent knowledge of dragons and the fashion that surrounds it. A dragon jewel adapted to your morphology will only be beneficial for your silhouette. Choose carefully the bracelet you need but be careful to adopt the dragon that suits you.

A dragon necklace to assert your badass look

By choosing to wear a dragon necklace, you immediately affirm your biker, goth, punk or rocker look! Select the necklaces according to your morphology, your shoulders but also your tastes! Embellish your neck with refinement and sumptuousness with one of our dragon pendants. Whether it’s a simple choker or a pendant that serves as the main element to highlight your top, a dragon jewel will also allow you to open up to others and put the final touch to your style.

A jewel that will awaken your inner flame !

Our dragon jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable all over the world, it will allow you to bring the necessary touch to stand out from others. All our products are of high quality to meet the expectations of our customers.

Armored-Drake™ is THE number 1 Dragon specialty store in the world ! Our quality Dragon jewelry will become your new treasure. You will find what you need for yourself, or for a gift idea to give to the person you hold in your heart!