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Discover our collection of Dragon Necklace and pendant !

You will inevitably find the style of necklace jewelry dragon that suits you. Whether you adopt an Asian, Gothic, mystical, medieval, classic, bohemian or chic style. Whether you want to wear one of your convictions (Chinese zodiac or lucky charm). The dragon necklace is made for you.

This dragon creature has many assets to make majestic necklaces. You will find in our collection of necklace with pendant the head of drago. The flying dragon with spread wings, the tooth and the scales of the dragon.

The jewel is either a necklace chain with pendant, or a choker with a single pendant on the ring, or a chain with several pendants, a breastplate or a necklace.You can find our collection of pendants if you don’t want a chain.

The materials used to make our necklaces are as diverse as the choice of necklaces offered: silver plated, gold plated, stainless steel, alloy and some precious or natural stones such as lapis lazuli, black obsidian, gem or quartz stone. You can also find in our shop, a rhodium-plated pendant (gold or silver) and its silver chain.

Some of our dragon necklaces have a medallion pendant in relief, others are set with zirconium for an incredible diamond effect.The clasp of most of our necklaces is a small carabiner for ease of use but also for safety.

Don’t hesitate to offer yourself or others one or more of our exceptional Dragon necklaces.