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When summer arrives, what could be more enjoyable than a dragon hat & cap ?Opt for a Japanese dragon cap, in addition to being useful and stylish it will protect you from rain, sun and even wind. People who are sensitive to the sun’s rays use it to avoid getting sunburned on their face and head, while others use it only to have a casual look.


Wearing a cap is the easiest way to get a message across. Dragon caps are designed to send relevant messages to each specific type of person. Our caps will make you look cooler and more relaxed, you will become a more stylish and relaxed person than before you got it. On the other hand some shy people use it as a shield, with the cap the person looks more serious and mature. The dragon cap is very useful in hot weather, it will protect you from the sun and high temperatures.


There are several ways to wear a dragon cap. The most common way is to wear the cap straight on the face, so that the visor will shade the face. The second way is to wear the cap with the peak sideways, or upside down. Whichever way you wear your cap, don’t forget to match your outfit, to get an original look !

For men, the Japanese dragon cap can be worn with their everyday look. They can also wear them with sportswear or urban wear. As for women, the focus is on the colors. The colors should be matched to better reflect your personality. In addition to that, a variety of choices are offered to you for your hair. Between ponytails, braids and loose hair, choose the one that best speaks to you and in which you are comfortable.


For a successful choice of Japanese dragon cap, the first criterion is the shape of the face. Indeed, a too round face with a duckbill shaped Japanese dragon cap may shock some people and leave an impression that we would have wanted to avoid at all costs. It is good to know that in general, we have four types of faces. Oval faces, round faces, square faces and heart-shaped faces.

For people with a round face, it is recommended to avoid the Japanese duckbill dragon caps. Those with a square face should avoid the military-like Japanese dragon caps. Irish-style Japanese dragon caps and those in the shape of a gavroche should be avoided by people with a heart-shaped face. On the other hand, people with an oval face have no restrictions and are free to wear a Japanese dragon cap of their choice.

In case you have a little complex, here are some tips to divert attention and reverse the trend. If you have protruding ears, the loose fitting Japanese dragon caps are perfect for you. They fit perfectly on your head so as to hide your ears. To break up the line and look more casual, people with long faces can tip the cap to the side. A large nose or forehead can be easily overlooked if the cap is tilted forward.


One of the advantages of Japanese dragon caps is that you can use them for a lifetime as long as you take good care of them. But how to take care of your cap? The mistake you should not make is to try to wash it in the washing machine when it is dirty. This could deform your cap. To wash your Japanese dragon cap, plunge it into warm water and add soapy water. Then, rub it gently with your hands or with a small brush. Using a cloth soaked in soapy water, rub the inner band to remove all traces of perspiration. Remove the cap from the soapy water and rinse it with clean water and dry in the sun.

Your choice for drying your Japanese dragon cap should always be natural drying, as machine drying may shrink your cap. Also avoid twisting the cap to drain it. The risk is that it will end up with a different shape than the one you started with.


If you notice that your Japanese dragon cap has lost its shape (is deformed), put some thin white paper in its hollow and put it over a heat source so that the heat enters the hollow of the hat. Repeat the process for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to protect your hands to avoid being burned. At the end, your hat will be back to its original shape.

Did you know that a dirty Japanese dragon hat makes your hair greasy? It is therefore important, even essential, to take good care of your caps in order to enjoy them to the fullest. There is no shortage of tips on how to care for your Japanese dragon cap and the opportunities to use them are wide. Even if there is a great diversity of Japanese dragon caps, the important thing is to know your morphology and the shape of your face in order to best reveal your person and enhance your appearance. Men or women, the Japanese dragon caps are made for all and are available everywhere at a price defying any competition.