History of dragons

The Celtic Dragon

The celtic dragon

The dragon, this fantastic and fabulous creature, is represented differently in different cultures and beliefs. Today, we'll look at the Celtic Dragon and its significance in Celtic culture.

Before we begin, you should know that for these ancient Nordic peoples (Vikings), rings and bracelets were not only decorative. They were often used to fortify the bonds of loyalty between the lord and his warriors. In a society where men lived and died by honor. They were often awarded to young adult men to symbolize their coming of age. Indulge yourself with one of our Dragon Bracelets below, an emblem of immense strength.

Celtic dragon meaning

To the Celtic people, these Celtic Dragons were powerful creatures who could wield magic. Their very presence had an impact on the flow of magic that flowed through the land like an enchanted magnet. In Celtic history, the dragon was a creature respected for its power, its beauty, and the gigantic power it exudes..


During their journeys, the dragons drew marks on the ground known as "ley lines." These lines were conduits of energy. Each place where the lines crossed was a place of increased power. For example, Stonehenge where many believe the sacred stone circle was built on one of these power junctions.

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He was so revered by the Celts that it was adopted as a symbol of power for the leader. The honorary title of "Pendragon", meaning "dragon head" or "dragon chief" was then given to the leader. Is King Arthur's dream of a dragon, which he is claimed to have had before reaching his tragic fate, a foreshadowing dream ? The Celtic Dragon is also a military emblem.. Let's take Wales, a modern Celtic Nation whose flag displays a Red Dragon.


In ancient Ireland and the Celtic islands, the entire Earth was considered by the Celtic druids to be the body of the dragon, and they built their sacred stone circles on the "power knots" of its body, now called the "Celtic knot." They believed that he connected mortals to the magnetism of the Earth and the healing waters.


In Welsh folklore, a red dragon beats a white dragon after a protracted fight watched by Welsh king Vortigern. A great wise man explains to Vortigern that the red dragon symbolizes the Welsh, and the white dragon symbolizes the Saxons, heralding the ultimate defeat of the English by the Welsh.

Dragon celtic Mythology 

Dragons appear throughout Celtic mythology. They act as guardians of wisdom and knowledge, possessing great insight and the power of prophecy. Celtic dragons united earth and sky, guarded treasures and the gates to other worlds.


The endless knot of Celtic life is often represented by dragons eating their tails, known as ouroboros dragons, Just as the endless knot represents eternal life, the Celtic dragon swallows its tale. The green dragon is the animal sign of those born between January 21 and February 17 in Celtic astrology. As guardian spirits that protect the Earth and all living things, Celtic dragons are perhaps the most powerful of all Celtic symbols.

Celtic dragon tatoo

The unparalleled complexity of the Celtic dragon tattoo has deep ties to Celtic folklore and symbolic meaning. These ferocious monsters are a great addition to your body art collection, whether you're a man or a woman. Celtic dragon tattoos incorporate some sense of fearlessness into your style.


These majestic mystical creatures are usually illustrated with thick lines in black ink and depict a fearsome dragon with hornssharp fangs and a long snake-like tongue. To symbolize where the custom came from, the creature is frequently twisted into a variant of the Celtic knot. Because of this twisted, intertwined body and its striking resemblance to a snake, the dragon is often associated with evil and fire.


The Celtic dragon is supposed to symbolize courage and great power despite these negative connotations. Today, many people proudly display the Celtic dragon tattoo simply as a tribute to their ancestors and heritage. In Celtic society, these demonic-looking dragons were once believed to be able to predict the future and have magical healing powers.


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