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This blog will serve as a step-by-step guide to learn how to draw Toothless, try to apply yourself as much as possible and follow the indications well to have an impressive final result

For thousands of years 
dragons have appeared in the art and mythologies of cultures around the world. The word "dragon" is derived from the ancient Greek word drákōn, which means "a snake of enormous size, a water serpent."

Dragons and dragon-like animals are mentioned in ancient manuscripts such as the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Medieval maps were often marked with the warning "here come dragons" or depictions 
sea serpents in areas that had not yet been explored, step-by-step drawing tutorials will be available for all styles of dragons soon (cartoon, European, Chinese and others). We've compiled 4 dragon drawing guides below. All you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper, ready to start your dragon adventure ? Let's get started !



Toothless is the last of his kind, known as Night Fury. His best friend is a rider named Hiccup, a young Viking. Toothless involves a bit more detail than most of the tutorials listed here, but the step-by-step instructions make drawing the Toothless dragon a breeze. New lines added at each step are highlighted in red.



Begin the drawing by lightly sketching the basic shapes that make up Toothless' face. An oval circle with a smaller oval circle at the bottom. Find the center vertically and horizontally, as shown above.


Now draw the outside that the two previous oval circles form. The top of the mouth is in the center of the horizontal line, as seen above. Draw 2 down ward sloping lines for the dragon's nostrils.


Draw the top of the nose with two lines curved inward. Start drawing the eyes, also with lines curved outward. Draw a letter "u" for the iris of the eye. Draw the two ears by drawing a letter "c" for the left ear and a letter "c" backwards for the right ear. Draw a letter "m" on the top of the head. And draw a group of inverted "u" letters along the dragon's forehead.


Draw the bottom of the dragon's mouth in a half circle. Draw the bottom of the eye in a sideways "c" shape. Draw a small oval circle to highlight the eye.


Draw a curved line under each eye. Lightly draw a smaller mouth shape inside the mouth, this will be the gums. Also lightly draw the shape of the ears.


Draw the ears darker, but inside the ears, make a wavy line. Draw Toothless' teeth by drawing circular shapes along the bottom row and more triangular shapes at the top of the mouth.


Now draw the gums behind the teeth by retracing the line you drew in drawing number 5. Draw a "w" shape for the tongue.

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Now you can start drawing Toothless' arms using the outline you drew in the previous step to help you do so. Each hand is shaped like an oval circle. Draw the claws in a "v" shape (closed with a curved line).


Now draw the right leg using the diagram as a guide. Draw the claws again.


Draw the left leg. Draw a number "7" upside down for the inside of the leg. Also draw claws for his legs.


Draw the Toothless dragon's tail by tracing its outline carefully.


Draw a letter "v" to the right of Toothless' ear. Draw a letter "L" under the left arm of the dragon. Draw a letter "L" upside down under the right arm. Draw squiggly lines on the back of the tail and a zigzag shape on the end.


Draw a capital "T" in the tail. Also draw the wings of the tail. You can see a number "7" and another number "7" backwards, with a letter "v" backwards for the left wing. For the right wing, you can see a number in the shape of a "y", connected to a letter in the shape of a "u".



Lightly draw a triangle on each side of Toothless. The one on the right is much larger and upside down.


Now use the triangle you drew in the previous step to guide you in drawing Toothless' right wing.


Again, use the triangle you drew two steps before to guide you in drawing the left wing.


Black and white drawing of the Toothless dragon. Now finish the dragon by blackening the right lines and erasing the ones you don't need anymore.


Colorful and finished drawing of the dragon. Get watercolor, chalk, airbrush, colored pencils, or something else to color Toothless.

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