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In this blog, i'll learn how to draw Charizard, it's a Dragon-type Pokémon, the fully evolved form of Salamèche and Reptincel. In this tutorial, we will draw Charizard step by step. You'll see that it's very simple, thanks to the illustrations and written instructions. Start your Pokémon adventure by drawing Charizard today.

Since the release of the video game in 1996 and the start of the animated series in 1999 in France, Pokémon has been very popular with children, teenagers and adults. The character, Shoal, adds to this exciting world humanity's age-old fascination with dragons.


To draw a Charizard, follow this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pencil. You can also use colored pencils or markers to color your work.

In each illustration, the new lines are highlighted in blue. Draw your lines lightly at first, because you'll be erasing a lot of them to finalize your drawing. Are you ready to start your Pokémon adventure? Shooters, I choose you!

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Charizard Head


Start by drawing a small circle in the middle of your page. This will form the head of Charizard.


Next, draw two curved lines with rounded ends on the top of the head. These will form the horns of Charizard.


Begin to detail the face of Charizard by drawing a vertical curved line in the center of the circle, and two more curved lines to the right of the circle.


Form the snout with an extension of a curved line from the bottom of the circle, and connect it to the curved line you drew inside the right side of the circle. Draw another curved line at the end of the snout.


For the jaw, draw a sinuous line from the base of the left horn to the tip of the snout of the Charizard.


Clears the reference lines. These include the original circle and the line across the snout.

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Charizard body


Draw the neck of Charizard. Draw two curved lines from the bottom of the head, then connect them at the bottom using a shorter round line.


Draw a roughly circular shape under the neck. This will form the body of Charizard.


Sketch the arms and legs of Charizard. The left arm is made of two curvilinear lines starting from the body. The right arm is drawn with four curved lines that intersect the body and neck. For the lower legs, draw each one with two curved lines.


Draw a circle at the end of each arm. This will form the hands of Charizard. For each foot, connect the two sides of the leg with a wavy bulbous line.


Draw three claws on each foot. To draw a claw, draw two rounded lines from the foot. The lines will meet at the end. Connect the lines at the other end with a slightly curved line. Each claw will look like a curved triangle with a rounded base.


Erase the marker lines that cross the claws, leg and arm.


Draw three claws on each hand. Start each claw by drawing a curved line that starts outside the hand circle, curves outward and ends inside. Then draw a second, shorter line from the middle of the first, ending inside the circle. Finally, connect the two ends of the line with a short curved line. Also draw a rounded line down the middle of the hand to add detail.


Erase the indicative lines from the hands of Charizard.

Charizard tail


Draw the tail by drawing a curved line from the leg and foot, meeting in the same place. Finish the tail by adding another line between the body and the foot.


Highlights the belly of Charizard with a line from the left side of his body to his right leg. Create a flame at the end of his tail. Start on one side of the tail tip, drawing a jagged, winding line. Finish the line on the other side of the tip of Charizard tail.


Adds relief and detail to the tail by drawing a curved line.

Charizard wings


Draw the wings of Charizard. For each wing, draw a wavy line from the shoulders, then curve it out and down. Draw another similar wavy line under the first one. Repeat on the opposite side. Draw the eye with two curved lines. For the nose, draw two short curved lines at the end of the nose, and draw a longer wavy line above the left nostril. Draw a triangular tooth at the edge of the mouth.


Draw a curved "M" line to connect each wing tip to the back. Add detail to the wings with two slightly curved vertical lines. Complete each eye with a rounded line, a small circle and a dot.


Delete the reference line from the neck of Fire Dragon. You have a nice overview of the Fire Dragon in black and white.



Color your Charizard. To color him in the classic style, color his body in orange, his wings and eyes in blue, his belly in light yellow and his tail in bright yellow. The claws can remain white.

Congratulations on completing this little adventure! I hope this guide has answered your "How to draw Charizard" question. If you're an absolute fan, check out our collection of dragon products. 

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