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Children’s imaginations run wild and there is no better fairy tale creature than the dragon. They fly and also breathe fire. They help children to be creative. Although some popular depictions show dragons as evil, they are not necessarily dangerous or scary. In fact, these creatures are true friends to children. They can share their magic with children and, therefore, help them explore their imagination.

Armored Drake offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, even the fiercest dragons have a cute side. Our dragon plushies are proof of this, this may be the only time you will be able to tame a dragon, after that you can’t not adopt a dragon plushie

Dragon plushies are sometimes whimsical characters that are very popular and have become the subject of popular toys and books. Their popularity is only growing with new generations of children and these cunning creatures are great friends to children all over the world.

Our dragon plush toys are inspired by magical myths that date back centuries.

The history and myth of dragons is present in many cultures (American, European, Asian…) Celtic ancestors believed that dragons had prophetic gifts and ancient Japanese stories speak of dragons being worshipped as they were considered water gods. Dragons are real key elements in series and video games such as (Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty, Games of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings… and many more! ) Children are captivated by the magic of these imposing creatures.

The great thing about dragon plushies is that kids and adults alike love them! Whether your child is 2 or 12, they will love the stories of these exciting animals. Dragons are legendary and your kids will want to share their stories. They are also bright and intelligent, just like the kids who play with them.