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dragons in mange and anime

Dragons have always occupied an important place in Japanese folklore, so it is not surprising that we can find these mythical creatures in the magical world of anime and dragon manga. What is surprising is that the majority of these mythological monsters that appear in these dragon manga are based on the Western representation of these animals, huge flying lizards that breathe fire and reduce entire cities to ashes.

Even more shocking is that most of these representations of dragons in anime turn out to be not always memorable, whether they are European or Japanese dragons , we are really left with only a handful of "good" dragons.

I'm going to present you my (subjective) selection most epic and memorable dragons in the history of Anime ! My choice is based on aesthetics, power, charisma and other criteria like emotion.

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Chihiro's Journey" is one of the most popular animated films of all time, with many nominations and awards to its credit. It is a beautiful story, and a wonderful adventure in which we meet the charming Chihiro and the mystical Haku, who has the ability to transform into a majestic Japanese dragon.

In his Water Dragon form, Haku looks like a typical Asian Dragon, he has a huge snake-like body, long whiskers, no wings and beautiful green hair on his head and back. Even though he spends most of his time as a human, his dragon form is so epic that I had to include him in the list. 



One of the most powerful and iconic monsters in Monster Duel, and certainly the most famous and iconic dragon in the Yu-Gi-Oh series, the Blue-Eyed White Dragon could not be left out. It is an absolutely majestic and unique creature.

Despite its name, the body of the beast is covered with light blue metallic scales. As the card description says, "this legendary dragon is an engine of destruction" and "is virtually invincible". This reflects the powerful and catastrophic nature of an authentic dragon.



Hyorinmaru is the spirit of Toshiro Hitsugaya's Zanpakuto (sword) in the Bleach dragon manga, knowing later that the spirit itself will take humanoid form. His look is similar to that of an Ice Dragon, I find him very charismatic and powerful.

Hitsugaya then explains that he does not have to wait for the water, because Hyorinmaru is the most powerful ice-based Zanpakuto, and all the water is his weapon and all the sky is under his command.



Nostalgia when you hold us... Wherever there is a red version of Pokemon, there is its star Dragon, Rootfish. It is part of the final evolution of one of the symbolic "starters" of the first generation. The powerful Dragon-Type Pokémon became an early favorite among players, partly because its stunning graphics never fail to attract attention, and because this Fire-Type Pokémon was one of the most powerful beings in the game. Compared to the other Dragons, it's not the most stylish, but if you grew up with Pokémon, it will surely have a special place in your heart.



Peterhausen is an awesome beast who has awakened after a hundred year sleep. His powers are terrible, so he seeks an equally powerful master to lead him and conquer the heavens together.

Peterhausen thinks only of decimating entire cities and fighting the most powerful opponents. However, this huge and terrible dragon has his sensitive side. He became jealous of his new master's popularity with the girls. He's a lovely killer monster !



It's hard not to have heard of the phenomenon One Piece, one of the most read and sold manga of our time. Kaido is one of the 4 Yonkos (emperors), he possesses the power of a demon fruit "Mythical Zoan", which makes him able to transform into a Dragon at will. His design is similar to that of a large Serpentine Dragon (which reminds us of another famous dragon in the ranking)

HisDraconic Form allows him to fly through the air at incredible speed, he has the ability to shoot compressed air or a beam of energy from his mouth powerful enough to annihilate any target opposing him

He is also consideredstrongest creature in the world and has an army of about 20,000 members, more than 500 of whom are users of artificial demon fruits (Smiles). His clan is called the "Hundred Beast Crew" and as its captain, he is still very much feared, as he cannot die himself.



Acnologia is a powerful Dragon Slayer who can take the form of a terrible dragon. In this form, he is so powerful that he could slice poor Igneel in half. His wings create shock waves while his breath can unleash a devastating assault. Nothing can stop this huge beast.

Its design is very similar to that of the Wyrms or the four-legged dragons (all European dragons), but with a more rounded head, phoenix-like wings, and charming blue spiral patterns on the scales that cover its body. I think it's a brilliant combination of grace and terror.



The most powerful of all the dragons, Shooting Star, resides in his lair called the "Fire Dragon Mountain", where he guards the most important of all artifacts "the scepter of dominion". He is a Red Dragon and he reminds me a lot of Smaug (in "The Hobbit").

Shooting Star is a terrible and huge dragon that inspires fear and admiration in humans, whom he considers inferior beings. He has the ability to speak and communicate, although he does so only to insult and threaten people. The Shooting Star is without a doubt acataclysmic beast that must be stopped without underestimating it.



Our list would certainly not be complete without the most terrible and unstoppable of all dragons, the fearsome Bahamut. His name alone inspires fear and terror in gods, humans and demons alike.

Bahamut is the most colossal of all dragons. His proportions are titanic, histail is even longer than his body and the shadow of his wings can cover an entire city. He exists only to destroy, that is his only goal and no human, divine or demonic weapon can stop him. Dragons are, in general, a symbol of power and in this sense, Bahamut is a perfect representation of dragons.



I guess you already had an idea of who was going to top our list. There is simply no other dragon in anime that is nearly as iconic and legendary as Shenron (and of course, it had to be a Japanese Dragon) He only appears from time to time in the series, but every time he does, it's a big event.

He magical and powerful being, the kind that everyone would want to summon. Once the seven Dragon Balls are gathered, you can break Shenron's sleep and watch him rise to the sky as the light fades and day turns to night. Then he will grant any wish that is asked of him. What an epic !

This article is coming to an end, I must have forgotten many, but you have the comment space to tell me about your favorite Dragon and give your opinion on this ranking. If you're ever a proven Dragon fan, don't hesitate to take a look at our rare selection of Dragon rings, unique jewelry symbolizing the power of these Legendary Monsters.

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