Dragons are creatures with strong symbolism in medieval and oriental mythology and literature. They would be the combination of the snake and the bird. Taking each animal separately they already represent power. Then when they are associated it results in one of the most powerful creatures and those until the time of the Ancient China. In the Cherifian myths and traditions this creature is a symbol of evil, while in the Asian culture it symbolizes wisdom, power, strength, and the supernatural. The passion for dragons goes beyond television and books. As a specialized dragon, gothic and medieval product finder, we wish to offer you a wide selection of dragon statues. Take the time to discover our fully handcrafted and hand painted statues, detailed figurines and majestic sculptures! Here are some ideas where you could install one of our dragon statues or sculptures :


Dragons are imagined as guardians of priceless treasures in medieval folklore. Your garden displaying dragon statues will give the impression that a treasure is in your den. Dragon statues protect their treasure, so if you organize your garden perfectly you can imagine unique medieval and fantasy scenes in your home. Installing a statue of this creature can add a key element that fans of this iconic creature will definitely notice !


In Asian traditions and beliefs, dragons are said to be the protectors and guardians of life. Their blood is considered a talisman that brings wealth, health and luck. We invite you to use a small statue to complete the decoration of a medieval table, a bookcase or even your night table. Having these statues in your garden ensures a home full of vitality. These draconic works will also be perfect to optimize and enhance your Fengshui


Dragons are featured in many TV shows and cartoons. Owning a collection of dragon figurines will open up unexpected topics of conversation at family gatherings. These statues can be essential pieces for a successful decoration.

The statues we have come in different shapes and sizes. They are also each in different positions and colors. You can find colors such as green, black, red, silver, blue, gold and other colors that will allow this creature to have an impressive and eye-catching design. All of our statues have one thing in common: Their extremely high quality finish! This makes them a unique piece and an exceptional decorative object.

Dragon enthusiasts will be fans of your high quality statues, discover our collection of dragon statues !